April 1st, 2011

Paperlicious project

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Marketing to customers instead of other businesses is a pretty different thing. Still some people think that marketing is marketing, no matter to whom it applies, since people are just people, after all. And indeed they are. However, the difference is once again made by the reference social group in which real people operates. The marketing discipline is fairly skeptic toward concepts like being true to one’s self, as humans can just behave toward each other, by definition.

Accordingly, company strategies will differ by a very good measure, wether they are business focused or customer oriented. But wait, there’s even more, as the configuration and overall level of complexity of marketing strategies and activities will greatly vary upon many other factors. For a company with a long B2B tradition, the decision to face B2C markets is certainly a major change, so I believe this MDS workshop will be quite challenging and stimulating to complete.

March 27th, 2011

Whispering emotions

TotalTool and POLI.design joined up to envision an art exhibition at Piazza Portello, that will be presented during the next Salone del Mobile, which will take place in Milan, on April 12-17, 2011.
Piazza Portello area is situated at the center of a grand re-qualification project, carried out by means of a series of building works, signed by some of the brightest stars in Italian architecture. The scope of the project is to complement the existing gallery structure in the trade center with artistic installations, thus positioning it as a modern-day hub, where shopping, conversation, recreation and rest become possible.

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A carefully thought set-up, made of colorful and playful audio-visual appliances, is aimed to reinvent both trade and leisure time. Passers-by are immersed into beautiful means of playful communication. People are driven by curiosity to interact with them at both sides of the gallery, thus relating not only with technology, but with one another. As stated by the creators:

This exhibit has been built with the main purpose of helping people developing positive connections and feelings. Piazza Portello aims to be an inspirational place, an empty canvas where meaningful architectural artworks emerge to invite everyone becoming personally involved into it, and filling it with their own stories. —A. Di Marco

This place will become a relevant destination for a new, young market, who are always looking for satisfaction —whether it’s chores, shopping, or creative stimulation. More importantly, it allows the people of today to experience the importance of doing nothing, which, when done at your own pleasure, is absolutely something. —K. Encanto

This project gives insight into the sphere of human bonding, with both other people and the cultural environment, as well as some understanding related to the daily aspects of living and relating to the world we live in. Hopefully, this might engage people with a sense of gratitude and kindle their affections.

January 14th, 2011

The BeFit projet

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This is one of the projects around which I’m wrapping my mind these days at MDS. Unfortunately I can’t get into much detail here, but I can say I’m sporting some pretty nice design thinking methodologies to help me come out with a radical innovation somewhere in the food sector.

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